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Is... Is anybody out there?T.T

2011-10-23 11:55:48 by PsychoticTomato

No one... I'm all alone... in the dark... Waiting for a scout that will never come:`(


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2011-10-23 13:14:20

You've just joined a day ago. Don't worry so much and people will eventually find your material - possibly scout it too. :3

It's taken many several weeks to be scouted!
Sit back and relax in the meantime.

PsychoticTomato responds:

lol... I'll try:P


2011-11-03 00:59:15

Hey, your art looks nice, overall.

If you want to increase your chances to be scouted you should try to submit more "finished" or "complete" looking stuff like your pics "colorbot" or "colorworld".

You could also post some of your art in the art forum, to get some people to see your stuff. But I strongly recommend against asking to be scouted or mentioning that issue, since it could hurt your chances. Asking to be scouted is not very welcome. You could make a personal art thread (named accordingly) where you post all your art and also unfinished pieces and where you can ask for advice if you need it.

Good luck with your art!

PsychoticTomato responds:

thanks for the advice:D I saw that stuff about asking to be scouted:P I'm an impatient person.


2014-10-09 20:57:26

You still waiting? because it is probably your lucky day! but did you got any better?